Case Study:
Manufacturing Company

Challenges: New product introductions were not being realized fast enough, windows of opportunity constantly being missed.

Action: Implemented Accelerated Time To Market Program (ATTM)

Result: Overall process reduced from 316 days to 112 days average. New business increased 36%.


process improvement


"We thought we had a good October last year, but this year our October sales were up by 66%. That represents almost $100,000 in new business. When you said you could help us increase our sales, I would have been delighted by 10%, but 66%! It is beyond our wildest hopes."

EPL International, LLC

Process Improvement

Are any of these on your list of wants or needs?

  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Drive down costs without sacrificing quality
  • Improve your product or service quality
  • Build and maintain a loyal customer base to gain a competitive edge

profitabilityOur approach to delivering results in these areas is to provide an easy to understand, use, and learn structure for process improvement. Although "technically sound" our approach is rooted in common sense. There are no meaningless academic exercises, all activities are tied to getting results based on the goals you have today. Using a common sense structure and tools allows your people to drive and sustain improvements.

Total Quality Institute

We are certified by Total Quality Institute, an international network of skilled professionals who provide a comprehensive, customized, and results-oriented approach to continuous improvement, planning, and implementation. We use and develop your people in the areas of Lean and Six Sigma, but in a way that is so easy to understand we hesitate to even mention the industry buzz words. Making decisions based upon fact, not opinion, and using simple tools to gather and analyze information will allow all of your employees to meet and exceed expectations.

This approach not only generates incredible gains to the organization in terms of higher quality, greater productivity, and greater customer satisfaction, it also improves employee morale and loyalty. In many instances, this is the first time that the team members have had a say in determining what and how they do their jobs.

From a single improvement project to a cultural revolution, our process is "scaleable" to your goals. If you require a more comprehensive implementation, our model is distinctive in its comprehensive, culturally sensitive approach that can include "training your own trainers." The cultural uniqueness of each organization is understood and valued by us. We guide you in designing and implementing a continuous business improvement process which is based on foundational quality principles, and one that is also tailored to address the needs of your organization. Our processes combine both education (what needs to be done) and skill development (how to do it). Experience has taught us that high performance is achieved when commitment, energy, and efforts are focused on customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of an organization’s Strategy, Systems, and People.

If you’re looking for dramatic operational gains, contact us today.