"By the time we had completed Strategic Planning and Leadership, it was clear to me that we had adopted ’success thinking.’ We have just completed two very strong months in succession. In fact, this month was our best net profit month in our 79-year history!"

EPL International, LLC

Other Services

Our other services include additional tools and techniques we are skilled with. These tools and techniques are designed to aid the CEO or owner and the executive team and help navigate the specific opportunities or obstacles you face right now.

 We only apply additional tools and techniques after we have a clear understanding of your specific goals and what the real obstacles are, whether they include people, technical issues or both.

We Develop Your Team to Tackle the Root Cause of Issues

What is motivating you to do something differently as a leader?

  • Disappointment from lack of growth
  • Need to resolve issues caused by growth, or are
  • Preparing for or are in the middle of leadership transitions
  • Growing Pains
  • Exit strategy - Building or in the midst of executing an exit strategy
  • Unsatisfied with performance or with direct reports (we can do better)
  • Dissatisfied with performance or your direct reports (we aren’t doing a good job)
  • External Force – Someone above me or “higher up” is dissatisfied with the performance of the organization
    • Investors / Owner
    • Wife / Family / God
    • Bank
    • Customers

This Formula for Success improves results of an individual or group


The "How" of our Development Solutions Process.

We would be happy to explain the "How," in 7 minutes or less. (If it’s driving you crazy, contact us and we’ll send you a video explanation.)